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Lovely things people have said...

It's AWESOME!!! I absolutely love it, just sent it to my boyfriend too and we are both so excited to give it to her now!


My Dinky is so adorable! I love how you did her eyes, and helmet, and hair, and everything! She is so cute!

Hi Sarah! 

Meg loved the Dinky and is super pleased that she's immortalised in cartoon form! 

I told her all about your site; I have a feeling we may be purchasing more Meg-a-Tron Merch in the near future. :o) 

Thanks for the brill service

Nickie x

It's perfect! And I like the blue and pink in the design still, good idea. They look great! I would love to order a set. 

Thanks so much!!

Oh my god! That is perfect! That's better than I could have ever imagined! It's brilliant. She'll love it. It perfectly encapsulates her badassness. I love her flying pigtails and her eyebrows! 

Yay. I'm so happy. Thank you :-)

OMFG that's amazing. It's perfect. Can I add an extra A4 print to it?

I'll have a think overnight about text and ill get back to you in the morning.


Ha that is bloody brilliant! I love it! His skate name is actually Bad Daddy Yan so that's the only change I'd make :-). Great work though, am very impressed :-) 
And just noticed you even got his helmet right - he'll love it :-) x

Brilliant, perfect, fully approved! I laugh everytime I see it as it's clearly him with his yellow skates, helmet and little bandana. He will love it :-). 

OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM!!! Its so perfect! <3

Thank you soo much! 

Omg I absolutely love it. You got it perfect right to socks. How do I send payment? 



She's perfect, I love her! Thank you! And the price sounds fab too. I'll def be getting a keyring (and pretty much everything else you stock I think) at some point but I shall save that for next year so I have more Startle goodness to look forward to. Glad to see the business is going so well for you - I love it when someone can make money doing what they love, and if it involves derby then so much the better!! :-) Thanks again! Cath x

Hi! I got my rings. They are perfect! Thank you so so much! <3



Oh wow, that's really cute. I am super impressed, you're awesome!

There's a couple of tiny details that i would love to tweak if possible? But otherwise it's all perfect.

Otherwise it looks SO good, I can tell she's going to love it. The charms are perfect too!

Katie x

Absolutely wonderful!!  I ordered it without Dysgrace's knowledge and showed it to her last night. She loved it so much that she cried. The two of us have only been playing derby for less than a year and this is the first sport I've ever done in 42 years and the first one she has ever stuck. We are pretty much all things derby, all the time. I can't wait to order the fun things with this dinky and get started on the next one. 

I love her! You rock! 

Hey Damage, 

That is fantastic can I just ask for two small changes :)

Everything else is perfect love it thanks so much :)) I especially love the socks :)) 

Hi Sarah, 

Thank you so much, I love it!! 

You've done it perfectly considering I only have you a description!! 

Thank you so much,

Ad'Hell xx